ETC 20" Floor Pads

Available for polish, spray buff, scrub, clean, burnish and stripping.


ETC Gorilla® 1" High Speed/Burnishing Ultra HS Pad - 20"

Gorilla® Burnish Ultra, 5/cs
Manufacturer #06200

ETC Gorilla Lite 1" High Speed Maximum Burnishing Pad - 20"

Gorilla Lite Maximum Burnish, 5/cs
Manufacturer #GORILLALT20

ETC 2001® Gorilla Lite Ultra HS Burnishing Pad - 20"

Gorilla Lite Ultra Burnishing, 5/cs
Manufacturer #2001GL20

ETC Razorback® High Performance 1/2" Stripping Pad - 20"

Razorback® 1/2" Stripping, 5/cs
Manufacturer #RAZOR20

ETC The Cure® Floor Pad - 20"

The Cure®, 5/cs
Manufacturer #86200