Advance Adspray 1500A Pressure Washer

Advance Adspray 1500A Pressure Washer

Item # 56100386

  • The Adspray pressure washer blast away dirt and grime for fast and efficient cleaning.
  • Two horsepower
  • 115 volt/60 Hz
  • 9" H x 9" W x 15.5" L
Manufacturer #100386
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Chemical is sprayed on with low pressure, then dirt is blasted off with high-pressure power.

The Adspray 1500A is a hand-carried model with adjustable pressure to 1500 p.s.i. For various applications.

The spray gun has trigger on/off spray control, and is at the end of a 26 foot hose. Nozzle tip turns to vary the spray pattern from zero to sixty degrees.

A two horsepower, 115 volt motor provides ample power to a 2.1 g.p.m. pump. The pump has mechanical thermo-valve protection. An inlet water filter traps contaminants to protect pump from premature wear, and chemicals are injected at various rates, "afte

The AdSpray 1500A has a dependable plunger-type pump and mechanical thermal relief valve, for a long life with few repairs, and a greater cleaning productivity even with extended periods of use.

Chemicals are injected after the pump, so they can't cause problems to valves or seals. Ratios are set and locked in with controls by the operator. Chemical metering saves cost by reducing waste.

The compact 1500A is packaged small with a built-in handle, so it's easy to hand-carry from one job site to another.

Comes with: Hose, wand, heavy-duty ground-fault circuit breaker protection, inlet water filter protection for pump, high/low down-stream chemical injection, mechanical thermal valve

  • Power Cord: 6' long, w/ground fault interrupter
  • Pump: Teflon graphite seals, ceramic coated steel pistons, stainless steel valves, aluminum head, mechanical thermal relief valve, ceramic plunger, and by-pass running against closed gun.
  • Output: Adjustable, to 1500 p.s.i. At - 2.1 g.p.m.
  • Chemical Injection: Variable rate, after the pump
  • Gun: Two-piece 36" w/0-60 degree adjustable spray nozzle, trigger on/off spray control and plastic insulation
  • Hose: 26'
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